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Gary Reynolds – Barrister & Mediator


About Me


Gary is a practising Barrister and Mediator. Gary specialises in Personal Injury and Commercial litigation. Before he became a Barrister, Gary spent many years employed as a Quantity Surveyor in heavy industry. Gary is a member of 7 Harrington Street Chambers, Liverpool and whilst his practice is predominantly in the North of England he regularly and happily travels extensively.

Gary is a Public Access Barrister and accepts instructions directly from the public and corporate bodies. In addition, Gary is one of the few Barristers that has an extension to his Practising Certificate so that he can conduct litigation. He is content to undertake all manner of claims ranging from very modest and uncomplicated cases to very high value and extremely complicated cases. Gary is regularly instructed in both fast track and multi-track cases.


Services Provided

Gary worked for many years as a Quantity Surveyor in heavy industry. After Gary qualified as a lawyer he initially worked for an international construction and building consultancy that provided specialised advisory and legal services to the construction and building industry as well as representation in all forms of ADR. As part of his practice he undertakes all forms of written work (pleadings, Advices etc.). Gary appears as an Advocate in Court and also in all ADR forums (arbitration and mediation etc.). Gary is also a CEDR accredited Mediator.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss any matters further then please do not hesitate to contact either Gary directly or via his Clerk in Chambers.